TED Ankara College Private High School, Ankara,TURKEY


Dear participants and honorable advisors,

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you all to the 5th annual session of TED Ankara College Model United Nations (TEDMUN) as the Secretary General. I can undoubtedly say that in every single detail of this conference, there is countless thought put in. Our organization team has devoted an immense amount of time and effort in order to provide you with an unforgettable experience. TEDMUN aims to create an educational atmosphere that is both professional and beginner-friendly. Our most important aspiration is to ensure that all participants regardless of their position as a student officer, first-timer delegate or an experienced delegate discover something new about a global issue, MUN or themselves. This year, TEDMUN simulates 10 committees being the Disarmament and Security Committee, the Economic and Financial Committee, the Social and Humanitarian Committee, the Special Political Committee, the Legal Committee, the World Health Organization, Historical Committee, the Human Rights Council, the Environmental Commission and the UN Security Council. With their outstanding agendas, these committees will enable each and every participant to make their voices heard in order to change the world and shape the future. With that being said, I am looking forward to seeing you all in the conference that will be held from 25th of May to 28th of May in TED Ankara College and I can personally assure that the experience will be exceptional.

Didem Zeynep ÜNAL,
Secretary General


Dear Delegates, Honorable Student Officers, Distinguished Advisors;

It is our utmost honor to welcome you all to the fifth session of TEDMUN. This session has taken the intelligence, aptitude and efforts of dozens of people. Each and every detail of this conference has been created, calibrated and enhanced meticulously for the greatest pleasure and acquisition of each and every one of its participants. Just as the simulation of the United Nations enables us to develop our understanding of global politics and diplomacy, we see TEDMUN as a tool to highlight our vision for this world. This vision culminates the principles of unbridled democracy, embodies the untouchable
rights and privileges of each and every single individual on this planet, puts equality of opportunity above all, and sets its ultimate goal as the progress and betterment of all mankind. It can be said that our world is ‘metamorphosing’. A new era has born new problems of its own. The relation between technology has become causative rather than correlative. The malevolent think, act and behave much differently than they used to a few years ago. Disputes become deadlocked much more easily than ever. Just as Gregor Samsa was distanced and estranged from the world he was living in, in Kafka’s “The  Metamorphosis”, we as mankind are being morphed into something different. Our problems not only obstruct us from the better, but change us, and render us inept. Not only do we grow apart from ourselves, but from our own world. Therefore we, as mankind, must bear the mission of problem solving with more dedication than ever. We must stay vigilant, always ready to act. This world is of the people, with the people, and for the people. And it is we, the people who will reclaim it, for it is ours, and only: “Our World,Our Voice, Our Future”.

Mete Hergül
President of the General Assembly

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