Welcome Letter

Dear Participants,

It is my utmost honor and pleasure to welcome you to TEDMUN 22, which will host its participants between 10-13 June 2022.

With the very first sessions roots’ stretching back 2010s and TEDMUN20 being the pioneer of virtual TEDMUN conferences, this year’s conference will succeed as one of the many annual and third virtual session of the heritage, with the aim of preserving, passing on and expanding the MUN legacy of our school.

Having a long-standing experience, TEDMUN is a highly prestigious conference in Turkey, as it offers a platform in which no longer does divergence precipitate polarization but collaboration, no more do the ideas become unsubstantial pledges but convert into concrete actions and no longer do the participants are deemed as students but future leaders.

In the light of this session’s theme, cultural sustainability, we will focus on adapting the rapid and drastic changes, demanded by the era, to sustainable and stable growth, in allegiance with cultural heritage. However, to obtain a more in-depth comprehension of the theme of the conferences, the participants are encouraged to peruse the “Theme Letter” on this page.

On behalf of the Executive Team, I am delighted to invite you all to gather around the same cause of creating, preserving and transferring heritages for future. With our numerous years of experience, supplemented by the competence of the executive & organization teams’, I can undoubtedly promise that TEDMUN22 will be an empowering window for our participants, through which they are beckoned to make their voice heard, to dedicate their ultimate endeavor for the sake of our common future and to qualify as future leaders. As being one of the most accredited conferences in Turkey, TEDMUN22 will not break the tradition, indeed will further improve its legacy to provide a memorable and unprecedented experience to all of its participants.

Yours sincerely,
Zeynep Hacıömeroğlu
Secretary-General of TEDMUN22


Theme Letter

Dear Delegates, Honorable Advisors and Distinguished Guests,

My Name is Deniz Lapsekili, I am the President of General Assembly of TEDMUN’22 and behalf of all the secretariat and the organization team, it is my absolute honor to welcome you all this this year’s rendition of TEDMUN.  TEDMUN will be held online this year through 10-13th of June 2022.

On behalf of the TEDMUN organization team, we are extremely hopeful and assured that we can treat you with a one-of-a-kind MUN experience and make sure you honorable delegates have an irreplaceable experience.

I would like to begin my letter by expanding on our theme for this yea, “Heritage for The Future” and explain the acute meaning it holds on the TEDMUN team, both in a literal way and in a sense of culture.

In a sense, heritage means the world we will leave to the future generations, as the individuals that can make our voice heard in the next generation, we bear the fortunate responsibility of leaving a world worth living to the people of future. In a way, we must accomplish this by creating a culturally independent, technologically developed, diverse and an equitable world.

But culturally for us, which will undoubtably be the most acute part, we are living in a world where means of communication hasn’t been as widespread as it currently is, in any part of our history. We are currently living in the most important era of the world due to rapid advances with AI, communication, Information Technologies, and space exploration. With the rapid advancements of said technologies the development of our culture cannot keep up; therefore, we are moving towards a global culture, with losing the aspect of our own traditional and national culture in an expeditious rate. It is the responsibility of individuals of the current era to keep our traditional culture, only keeping it up to the modern era but not losing it wholistically.

This year, TEDMUN will be meeting you with 8 committees, DISEC, Economic and Financial, Social Humanitarian and Cultural, SPECPOL, OHCHR, UNSC, Futuristic Crisis and Historical Crisis.

I would like to thank all participants for their efforts to make the world a better place.

Deniz Lapsekili
President of General Assembly of TEDMUN 2022