Conference: Code of Conduct:  

1. Webcams and microphones must be kept on by all of the participants during the official sessions. If there are any technical complications, the chair board must be informed immediately. 

2. Cancellation of participation should be notified to the organizing team immediately.

3. All participants must participate in every part of the session. It is strictly forbidden to leave the session venues without informing the organizing team.

4. All participants must strictly follow the instructions of the organizing and academic team at all times.

5. All participants are obliged to follow the laws of the Republic of Turkey at the session. 

6. There will be a strict zero-tolerance policy on tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Intoxication at any point during the session will result with the expulsion of the participant from the session at his/her own expenses.

7. All participants must strictly follow a formal dress code.

8.The photos of the participants may be published in our social media accounts such as;

a. the official webpage of TEDMUN ‘21,

b. the official Instagram account of TEDMUN ‘21,

c. publications that are released by the press team. 

9. All participants should be aware that any mistake done will have responses in order of decree;

a. An oral warning,

b. A written warning,

c. Notification to the advisor, school authorities, parents,

d. Not receiving any certificate,

e. Expulsion.